FFS Friday – Guilt About Stuff

It is only four sleeps until Christmas – FFSWhen did the year go so quickly? FFS

I am suffering serious guilt about the lack of stuff my kids own – FFS
I know they don’t need a lot of things so why is this happening FFS

Everywhere I look people are carting massive trolleyfuls of presents for their offspring. FFS

Dex told Santa he would only like 3 presents under the tree please No FFS

Will my children get teased about the lack of stuff they have? FFS
I cannot think of things when people ask me what to get them – FFS
Maybe I’m just a terrible parent when I’d rather them play outside or go swimming and I don’t want them to have a 2DS because they won’t respect it or look after it properly FFS

Also going on is still trying to get my car sorted out from hail damage 6 weeks ago FFS
They don’t communicate at all FFS
NRMA have two kinds of telephone operators – Super helpful (no ffs) or complete bitch FFS
Just write the fucker off and be done with it FFS
So much uncertainty is completely shit because we have me working 2 jobs, TD is full time, two kids and one car. They call us up with a couple hours notice and expect us to be able to drop the car off for the day FFS
There is no replacement car for your use FFS
I have had to walk a 2 year old and a 4 year old along a highway multiple times now FFS
Granted it is the main street through Coffs and there are sidewalks but there are also a shitload of big trucks. FFS
If they do repair it – we have to wait until around February. We wanted to sell it in November. The one that just went. FFS

There are too many people to see Christmas time FFS
And I don’t get time off because the joys of retail FFS
I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I hate them because I’m always the one saying no sorry, we can’t come to that FFS
I just want to go away and have sun and sand and time with my kids and not have to worry about anything or anyone. Is that too much to ask FFS

Now I have to get ready for work FFS


FFS Friday – None Given

My bed has been wee’d in twice this week FFS
And it definitely wasn’t because I was blind drunk FFS

It wasn’t even by me No FFS

I’m clearing out my house of everything we don’t really need No FFS
The definition of need varies greatly between myself, tattoodaddy and the kids FFS

I have put a bajillion things on local buy swap and sell sites. No FFS
People keep liking but not buying it FFSJust buy my stuff!

I now have two jobs  No FFS
My super cheap babysitter also got a job FFS
Most of my days are now spent bribing friends with food and hugs to get them to look after my children FFS
Most of my childless friends treat looking after my children as a joyful novelty No FFS
They think my kids are angels. No FFS
They return to normal as soon as they get back in my car FFS

I managed to buy all the extended presents for a bargain price yesterday No FFS
Still haven’t managed to pick up the layby for my kids yet FFS
Tattoodaddy will definitely have to wait until after Christmas FFS

Next year I’m just taking the kids and going into hiding for a few months so they forget Christmas even exists.

FFS Friday – Fuck Eating Good Food.

fuckI am “getting shredded” at the moment. This means I eat a lot of broccoli and chicken breast and not much else. FFS

I miss carrots and pumpkin. I never thought I’d say that. FFS

Tattoodaddy has picked the past 10 days to suggest we out to lunch as a family to a gourmet burger joint, bring home KFC and make pizza at 9pm at night. FFS

I am pretty sure he is trying to sabotage me. FFS

Only 10 days to go. No FFS

My sister’s birthday is in that time. FFS

On the bright side, I can see it working. No FFS

On the bright side, I haven’t really wanted to eat the past few days because I’ve been dealing with a daughter who had liquids coming from both ends. FFS

It was so bad, I took her to the ED because she was so lethargic. Of course, I just wanted her to have some energy, so I gave her a barley sugar. She threw it up in the car, but obviously she got a sugar hit because at the ED she was literally bouncing around. FFS

Say hello to that mother. FFS

Also tattoodaddy got sick from the KFC. No FFS

Dear Baby G

I Know it’s FFS Friday

I know it’s kind of cheating, but I’m going to link up with two linkies in one post, orrite?! FFS!

I know that next wednesday is the culmination of the last 10 weeks of working my butt off at the gym – FFS

I know this is a FFS because I’m certain I could have eaten better, trained harder, longer, stronger… FFS

*sidenote: Heaps sounded like a Mills & boon novel

I know whenever my trainer does/said something I take it as a challenge even when it’s not meant to be FFS

Like when he says “Well if you have the self control…” FFS

I will now be minimising carbs until my photoshoot next Wednesday FFS

I know it is my sister’s birthday on Sunday No FFS

I know there will be cake. FFS

I know there are things in life I want more than cake. But… Cake! FFS

I know that although I really only intended this to be a 10 week thing but I definitely have create a lifestyle I enjoy. NO FFS

Dear Baby G


FFS – All The Days Of Kids Inside – Sans Internet


I still have no internet after 18 days FFS

I am trying to run an online business with no internet FFS

After three changed dates, a technician came out, couldn’t fix it and left FFS

We had issues before the storms and have been pushed back to after everyone damaged during the storms has their shit restored FFS

Telstra told me I should buy a wireless dongle and they would reimburse me the cost of the dongle. We are on a 200gig per month plan. 6 gigs wireless costs about $100. No thanks Telstra FFS

Speaking of rain, it has rained for about 3466542434.6 days straight at the moment. My children are so feral it is ridiculous. Not having the internet means we have a very limited supply of movies to watch, because we have no Playstation Media Server FFS

They were just playing with playdoh. Packing it up, we are one container of Playdoh down. How much of that shit can a toddler eat?! FFS

It’s okay. It’s non-toxic. No FFS. And it’s probably all just mooshed into the carpet any way FFS

I am so sick of the sound of my own voice saying the same thing over and over again. FFS

I have so much going on right now that things are falling to the wayside. I have missed derby two weeks in a row. If I miss another week, I “fail” and I have to do it again. FFS

I have my weigh in/measure up next week and I don’t know how it will go. I don’t feel like there has been massive changes between week 3 and week 6 FFS

I bought a dress for DPCON13 and I HAVE to fit into it. I do not want to buy another dress. FFS

It is just my bum/hips/thighs that don’t fit FFS

Maybe I could cut the lining out…? FFS

My trainer made me do cross fit today and up until this point, I thought I had been going really well. Which I guess I have. But it made me feel so unfit and for a second I just felt like saying fuck it, I’m going to eat that entire bag of chips sitting in the cupboard. FFS (it was definitely longer than a second…)

All because I keep “easily” meeting the challenges he sets me. Stupid me should learn to act. FFS but not really FFS. I need to challenge and improve and insert motivating speech here.

I am now the proud owner of a threenager. Standard issue includes growling, hissing, being told to go away, shouts NO! very loudly, or the even better “No, YOU do it.” May also threaten to hit you. Lots of crying involved. FFS

Complimentary toilet training 22 month old who thinks it’s a great idea to whip her nappy off whenever the “urge” strikes her… Including the playground at daycare…. FFS

Was your week as bad as mine?
Linking up with Dear Baby G for FFS Friday.

Dear Baby G

Just a Shitty Day

You know those days.
We all have them.

one of

You get sent home from work after half a shift because it’s dead.
The cat has vomited in the laundry.
It’s raining. Still.
Your son has a monstrous swollen lip/nose that looks like you’ve beaten him.
Your internet isn’t working STILL after 6 days of being told it will be fixed.
You’re tired and you should go to bed but there is cleaning to do and internet to distract you from doing it.
You’re in Vistaprint trying to find the postcard designs that match your business cards and you’re pretty sure the website hates you because no matter where you look, it’s just not there.
You can’t drink – your eating plan doesn’t allow it.
You don’t even like drinking, really.
You can’t find a decent mothertrucking supplier for your store.
You can’t LOAD anything onto your online store, because the internet is down.
You are using all your mobile data to have the internetz at slow speeds.
Your other half is sick and should just go the fuck to sleep but instead he’s plodding around the house like a mopey mope-alot
You just got a tattoo yesterday so you can’t even have a nice soak in the bath.
you’re too lazy too paint your toes/fingernails.

You realise you have enough for FFS Friday with Dear Baby G and it’s only Tuesday.

FFS Friday – Banks and Shit

I applied for my business loan at the start of December. Average turnaround is 2 – 4 weeks. they told me more close to two. Still have not heard anything FFS

Finally put up the trampoline that we got the children. There has been nothing but tears and yelling since. FFS

They also got a blow up pool from my parents. No ffs.
Lola pooped in it. It was massive. FFS
Dex argued about getting out. He didn’t want to. FFS

I finally booked in with my personal trainer after my gym messaged me and said “Are you okay? You haven’t been in a while” FFS

He is a babe. No ffs.
Now, I am motivated and all I want to do is go to the gym. Creche is $3.50 per child. FFS
I have to call up the morning of the day I want to go. FFS
For a gym that charges over $20 a week, you’d think it would have free creche? FFS

Yesterday instead of going to the gym, I went for a swim, did some gentle exercises and some laps.  No ffs.
Was going to do the same today. Forgot I tattooed my leg last night. Can’t swim. FFS
Mum took both kids in the pool. I was like a dog running up and down the edge of the pool trying to help, but being useless. FFS

Stomach muscles feel firmer already. No ffs.
Probably only because they are tensed up out of pain and not being used to being used. FFS

I am watching everything I put into my body. I no longer enjoy chocolate. FFS

There are conversations I want to have with people but I don’t know how to approach it without it sounding like a personal attack… FFS


Dear Baby G