Getting Naked in the Forest

The last one is my favourite:

So you can gauge the size of the tree in the background, I’m laying on one root from it. It was enormous. Massive. Amazing.

This has been a major change for me – I have always been so self concious about my body, and now- seeing these – I feel beautiful. And sensual. And confident.
It’s definitely something I would do again in a flash. (GEDDIT?!)

Despite the bug bites all over my bum, it was definitely worth it!

Dan was wonderful as well, he was so professional and made the whole experience fun and not awkward at all.
Next time he’s in town I’m going to see if he can do some family photos.
Not naked of course.

Check him out on facebook here or his website Dan Stewart Photography

(He alternates between Brisbane and Coffs for living so if you’re interested, check him out!)

What have you done that got you out of your comfort zone?