FFS – All The Days Of Kids Inside – Sans Internet


I still have no internet after 18 days FFS

I am trying to run an online business with no internet FFS

After three changed dates, a technician came out, couldn’t fix it and left FFS

We had issues before the storms and have been pushed back to after everyone damaged during the storms has their shit restored FFS

Telstra told me I should buy a wireless dongle and they would reimburse me the cost of the dongle. We are on a 200gig per month plan. 6 gigs wireless costs about $100. No thanks Telstra FFS

Speaking of rain, it has rained for about 3466542434.6 days straight at the moment. My children are so feral it is ridiculous. Not having the internet means we have a very limited supply of movies to watch, because we have no Playstation Media Server FFS

They were just playing with playdoh. Packing it up, we are one container of Playdoh down. How much of that shit can a toddler eat?! FFS

It’s okay. It’s non-toxic. No FFS. And it’s probably all just mooshed into the carpet any way FFS

I am so sick of the sound of my own voice saying the same thing over and over again. FFS

I have so much going on right now that things are falling to the wayside. I have missed derby two weeks in a row. If I miss another week, I “fail” and I have to do it again. FFS

I have my weigh in/measure up next week and I don’t know how it will go. I don’t feel like there has been massive changes between week 3 and week 6 FFS

I bought a dress for DPCON13 and I HAVE to fit into it. I do not want to buy another dress. FFS

It is just my bum/hips/thighs that don’t fit FFS

Maybe I could cut the lining out…? FFS

My trainer made me do cross fit today and up until this point, I thought I had been going really well. Which I guess I have. But it made me feel so unfit and for a second I just felt like saying fuck it, I’m going to eat that entire bag of chips sitting in the cupboard. FFS (it was definitely longer than a second…)

All because I keep “easily” meeting the challenges he sets me. Stupid me should learn to act. FFS but not really FFS. I need to challenge and improve and insert motivating speech here.

I am now the proud owner of a threenager. Standard issue includes growling, hissing, being told to go away, shouts NO! very loudly, or the even better “No, YOU do it.” May also threaten to hit you. Lots of crying involved. FFS

Complimentary toilet training 22 month old who thinks it’s a great idea to whip her nappy off whenever the “urge” strikes her… Including the playground at daycare…. FFS

Was your week as bad as mine?
Linking up with Dear Baby G for FFS Friday.

Dear Baby G


FFS Friday

Once again it is Friday – FFS

I am linking up with Dear Baby G who is NOT having a bitch today because it is her gorgeous daughter’s birthday.
In light of that, I will have to do double the bitching FFS

It has recently come to my attention that my sister is sick of everything I blog being about feelings and relationships. It seems she feels that I need to bitch about something else because it is getting boring. If you want drama, go watch days of our lives, bitch! FFS

My cat. Oh.My.God. STINKS. Farts all the fucking time. And STINKS. FFS

Blizzard – They have just released Diablo 3. And while I have not played it, I have not played anything else I have wanted to since it came out because HARVEY NORMAN have failed to fix tattoodaddy’s computer, so I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs thinking “Howdy flippin do.” FFS

People bitching about Centrelink. Shits me. OMFG. I understand that people RELY on these payments. Some people do see it as the ASSISTANCE it is. But Holy Fucking Jesus. Do NOT whinge about not getting “paid” You don’t work for it! Don’t get pissed off that they are making you fucking look for work. So you fucking should. Be a valuable member of society. FFS

I am about to start uni and I still have no idea what is going on. FFS

Lola started daycare last week. LOVES it. Does not even notice I am missing. FFS

My kitchen is a mess and I am refusing to do the washing up because that is tattoodaddy’s job. thanks again Blizzard. FFS

Aforementioned sister feels she is able to lecture me on relationships and dating, despite the fact she has never been in a long term relationship OR had children. FFS

After reading that sentence, I’m wondering fi maybe I should have listened to her advice 4 years a go. FFS


Dex wants me to knit him a scarf. I can’t cast on. Every time, I have to ask my mother and she looks at me like WTF MATE? FFS

Tattoodaddy just called to send me on a mission to Harvey Norman to get his computer, whether it is fixed or not. FFS


Dear Baby G

FFS Friday – The Tired Edition

ImageMy deciding to be true to me and do things I want to do is awesome. However, a lot of these things I want to do (keep your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about internet gaming) can’t really be done while the children are awake unless you want you toddler going to daycare saying “Mummy killed dem! she did!” so I end up staying up late to play. And then I’m tired. FFS

TD and I worked out a fairer roster with household chores and he is cooking every second night. So why do I feel guilty about not doing what I should be doing. The kids are still alive at the end of the day my job is done FFS

TD cooks heaps better meals than I do. FFS

Lola is in disposables at the moment because she has terrible, terrible nappy rash so I have $450ish of cloth nappies just sitting there looking pretty FFS

I got a kitten. As a spur of the moment thing I knew I shouldn’t do. I was going to give her free to good home to someone who would love her dearly. But she is so cute and Dex and Dolores love her. And she is toilet trained and everything. So I am keeping her. FFS

She mewwwwws a lot. FFS

Dex bit a child at daycare. In his defence, the child in question clawed Dex’s face, but I still can’t say “Yeah, he deserved it” FFS

I am looking for a job and it is harrrddddddd FFS

My ceiling fan sqeaks whenever it’s on. Drives me fucking crazy. FFS

I have lost a fair bit of weight lately (which is nice) but my clothes aren’t fitting me properly anymore and I don’t have money to do the wardrobe overhaul I would like. FFS

I am soooo fucking tired. FFS

My parents had both children last friday so that TD and I could go out to dinner and just hang out. And the kids were up all night. So at least now my parents know why I’m so tired all the tume but I’m not sure they’ll have them again very soon FFS

I am the mother of an 11 month old. When the hell did that happen? My little bubba is 11 months. FFS

Dear Baby G

For Fuck Sake Friday. Over It Edition

I am in a terrible fucking mood right now.
I am OVER everything
I am over being the only one to wake up to the kids every fucking night and every fucking morning.
I am over having to deal with “Where’s my Daddy?”
I am over having my heart broken every fucking time I hear that question.
I am over this stupid fucking mastitis that has me on I.V. antibiotics for 5 days and then onto oral antibiotics.

I am REALLY over the fact that this means I can’t go to Soundwave which I decided to treat myself after 3 years of stupidly self sacrificing.

I am over not knowing.
I am OVER not being able to hate someone because that would make it so much fucking easier. Instead, I am just sad. Sad for him, for me, for us. For our kids.
So, SO much fucking sad and I can’t tell anyone or do anything about it because I just have to be OK for the kids because if I’m not who will be?
And if I’m not Dex comes up to me and says “You’re a bit sad Mummy” and gives me a cuddle and my heart both melts and breaks a little bit more because a two year old shouldn’t have to comfort his mother.

I’m just over it.
I want my life back.
Obviously not the way it was because apparently that wasn’t working.
I just want it back for the chance to change it.

I’m so fucking over this physical pain.

I don’t know what else to say.

Oh yeah.

FFS Friday – Poo

The dog who is currently having a holiday at our house did the massivest, smelliest poo I have ever seen – inside FFS

I still am not sure if we are able to afford to go to DPCON12 FFS

Dexter pooed in his underwear. And told me about it.
Me: did you poo in your undies?
Him: Yeah, my poo in my undies. FFS

My pram didn’t sell at the tender centre and now I have to try and sell it on facebook FFS

I’m turning 24 this weekend and I still have no idea where my life is headed FFS

NO ONE in my family has offered help after my last FFS Friday post FFS

I have actually asked if Dex can go for a sleep over at Nanna and Grandad’s – with a big fat NO as the answer from Grandad. Pat’s parents would JUMP at the chance to have Dex for a night FFS

Lola is 7 months and still waking 4 times a night FFS

Dex is having a massive regression with toilet training. See above FFS

And to top it all off. I just found poo under my finger nails. And yes, I did wash my hands. And no, it’s not mine. FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G to complain about my first world problems from this week.


Dear Baby G  

Oh FFS Friday

Because I’m too lazy to think up my own post, I’m joining in with Dear Baby G for:

Dear Baby G 

So. Here we go.

 Whenever I complain about my children and how much they don’t sleep, my mother always replies with “Harden the fuck up Princess.” Or something along those lines. Seriously, grats for pushing 5 of us out your va-jay-jay, but for once, just say something nice FFS

 Dex pulled ALL the leaves off my capsicum plant FFS 


I’m pretty sure my laundry is actually a brothel for unwashed clothes after I go to bed. The fuckers keep on multiplying FFS 

Dex poo’d during his swimming lesson on monday, cleaning the pool and cutting our lesson short. FFS

 The lady who was meant to be picking up a chair from my house today messaged me, I replied and then she never wrote back! FFS

 Pat is working 12 hour days. FFS

Tonight, my kids tag teamed for a fucking hour and a half. Screaming.  FFS  


I’ll leave it at that I think.Head over to visit Dear Baby G and have a bitch and moan about your week, too!