Sending the Sensory Kid to School

We had a school interview for Dexter’s future primary school yesterday.
It all went pretty well, she was impressed that he not only knows how to say Paleontologist but that he also told her he wants to be one and find fossils when he’s older, you know, if he can’t be a Mako Shark because that’s what he really wants to be.
I’m anxious about sending him to school, for various reasons.
I know when we changed child cares, he flourished.
He’s a different child now. Confident, sharing his knowledge with everyone, not only playing with others but leading the play. Tell stories, making jokes. Making friends.
He doesn’t come home sad any more.
He doesn’t come home telling me that his friends don’t love him.

And I don’t want that to change.
I know I can’t protect him forever but I was actually aching just thinking about it.
I don’t know how I will survive not being able to fix everything with a kiss and a cuddle.
But it’s not about me, is it?

I’m super impressed that the school is completely on board with sensory kids, to the point they have weighted dog toys that the kids use in the classrooms to hug and play with, to calm them down.
She wants reports from Dexter’s OT so that the teachers can follow through with his progress and everyone can be on the same page.

I’m terrified about how it will impact him.
Even last night he had a meltdown about how big the day was.
I’m so terrified I’m already looking up OOSH booking forms so I know and he knows and we can practice it.
Lots of different groups of people, of different ages each and every day.

But he’s clever. I know he’ll cope.
I’ll be taking him to the OT soon so we can talk about this transition, about practicing our words and letters and patience and how we can best help him be happy.