Quick, Easy Lunches


I’ve been asked about what I feed my children for it to be healthy, quick and stuff they’ll eat.

Firstly when it comes to stuff they eat, I don’t really give them any other choice. I don’t tell them they’ll get fat if they eat bad food.

Foods aren’t bad and fat isn’t something we should shame.

We have sometimes foods and we eat to fuel our bodies. Our bodies work best when we have good food and we have the most fun when our bodies work their best.
There are a few things that make my life easy when it comes to packing lunches.

Bocconcini is the best friend. Crackers (jatz style or rice crackers). Sliced veggies, fruit I don’t have to cut, dried fruit.

These are sandwiches that I make in advance and freeze – take them out the night before, chicken and cheese works well.
Grapes and Mandarin, easy for them and me. It’s their two fruits for the day.
Sliced celery, cucumber and some cherry tomatoes. Bocconcini. Crackers, apricots, Sultanas.

That will get them through the day. At least until we walk through the door in the evening to the chorus of “I’m hungry!”