This City Charms Me

I love Sydney. I love the bustle and the busy.
I love it’s honesty. The dirt and the grime next to the brand new.
I love how everything here tries so hard to seem like it is something else but in doing so, you see exactly what it is trying to hide.
Newtown is my favourite.
It is so eclectic and dingy and it is not ashamed of that. It proudly says “you don’t have to like me, but you will know me.”


I love the art. And here, everything is art. Your hair, your skin, your house, your store, your clothes.


I love that last night my friend and I went out at 11:30 at night for dinner and had the most amazing vegetable soup I’ve ever had


I love that the city never sleeps and it is not just the clubs that are awake.

I love the vibrance and feel and community.

Next time I’m going to bring the kids so they can see it too.