FFS – All The Days Of Kids Inside – Sans Internet


I still have no internet after 18 days FFS

I am trying to run an online business with no internet FFS

After three changed dates, a technician came out, couldn’t fix it and left FFS

We had issues before the storms and have been pushed back to after everyone damaged during the storms has their shit restored FFS

Telstra told me I should buy a wireless dongle and they would reimburse me the cost of the dongle. We are on a 200gig per month plan. 6 gigs wireless costs about $100. No thanks Telstra FFS

Speaking of rain, it has rained for about 3466542434.6 days straight at the moment. My children are so feral it is ridiculous. Not having the internet means we have a very limited supply of movies to watch, because we have no Playstation Media Server FFS

They were just playing with playdoh. Packing it up, we are one container of Playdoh down. How much of that shit can a toddler eat?! FFS

It’s okay. It’s non-toxic. No FFS. And it’s probably all just mooshed into the carpet any way FFS

I am so sick of the sound of my own voice saying the same thing over and over again. FFS

I have so much going on right now that things are falling to the wayside. I have missed derby two weeks in a row. If I miss another week, I “fail” and I have to do it again. FFS

I have my weigh in/measure up next week and I don’t know how it will go. I don’t feel like there has been massive changes between week 3 and week 6 FFS

I bought a dress for DPCON13 and I HAVE to fit into it. I do not want to buy another dress. FFS

It is just my bum/hips/thighs that don’t fit FFS

Maybe I could cut the lining out…? FFS

My trainer made me do cross fit today and up until this point, I thought I had been going really well. Which I guess I have. But it made me feel so unfit and for a second I just felt like saying fuck it, I’m going to eat that entire bag of chips sitting in the cupboard. FFS (it was definitely longer than a second…)

All because I keep “easily” meeting the challenges he sets me. Stupid me should learn to act. FFS but not really FFS. I need to challenge and improve and insert motivating speech here.

I am now the proud owner of a threenager. Standard issue includes growling, hissing, being told to go away, shouts NO! very loudly, or the even better “No, YOU do it.” May also threaten to hit you. Lots of crying involved. FFS

Complimentary toilet training 22 month old who thinks it’s a great idea to whip her nappy off whenever the “urge” strikes her… Including the playground at daycare…. FFS

Was your week as bad as mine?
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